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Diversity Scores

“Finally, A Data Based System That Disturbs Microaggressions”

Using the data collected, Diversity Scores identifies solutions best suited for your team. Built by experts in the field, Diversity scores answer the inevitable question of "What’s Next?"

The Problem

Disrupt Microaggressions

HR teams, non-profit organizations, and large businesses can struggle with how to engage in gathering feedback or handling complaints about unconscious bias, microaggressions, and other support barriers at work. Keeping track of patterns and improving communication for teams has traditionally been a costly and challenging endeavor.

The Problem

Improve Your Process

Diversity Scores provides a resource API that allows you to ongoingly engage employee feedback. Diversity scored then uses the data tracked to recommend education, support, or further engagements based on employee needs. Create an autonomous support portal which can improve user wellness: Offering a convenient, and secure way for employees to address grievances and get support that boosts support for all personnel.

Hear From Success Our Human Resource Partners

“Reminds me of Blind, but for internal. It’s an exit interview, without an exit in the company. This is a tool that can revolutionize the retention, HRs retention to retain employees with data to support.””

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