Diversity Scores

The DEI Tool For the New Generation of The Workplace

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Diversity Scores

Ensure Safe DEI Work Environments

Creative communication allows opportunities for individualized recommendations for education and support that will assist in support for all employees.

Are your employee's tired of Proactive instead of Reactive DEI Practices?

  • Help Build Accountability – Engage with resources that helps your staff grow
  • Solution Based reports helps your organization be a part of the DEI goals
  • Provides privacy for confidential conflict resolution

Benefits for Human Resource

Data-Driven Equity Building. Take a Deep Dive into Accountability

  • Transparency and responsibility creates safer spaces for everyone
  • Action plans built for your organization
  • Track patterns that allow you to improve employee support
  • Option for anonymity that empowers employees to speak up
  • Equip Your DEI Teams with decision-making power

Diversity Scores

Develop Trust Amongst Your Organization

We bridge the necessary gap between organizational leadership and their employees by putting real-time data at the forefront for systematic, strategic, and sustainable change.

Data-Driven Equity Building

Take the guesswork out of decision-making, by tracking patterns that allow you to improve employee support through a DEI lens.

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Proactive DEI Practices

Take a deep dive into accountability and remove barriers of sharing feedback and create awareness for the organization.

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Safer Spaces for All

Provide transparency and accessibility for all employees and vendors, creating safer spaces for everyone.

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Hear From Success Our Human Resource Partners

“We realized that feedback loops never seemed to close and wanted a solution-based product for equity-based problems.”

- Co-Founders of Diversity Scores

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