Our Company

We’re here to help people work and live better. Why? Because we want them to thrive, grow and exceed together.

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Our Values

We Lead With Equitable Practices

Using Diversity Scores data, we're are able to identify barriers, red flags, and training requirements needed to develop a clearly defined roadmap for change agents to understand what these changes might entail and what they aim to improve at the company.

Anonymity of Participants

Anonymity helps provide security for those worried about retaliation and allows a company stay in a solution and wellness state of mind when it comes to supporting their team.

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Voluntary Participation

Encourage staff to share feedback and support needs through the click of a button.

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Built With Care

Trauma-Informed Care recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role trauma may play in an individual's life including at work.

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Ethical Practices and Standards

Diversity Scores values ethical practices and standards that will allow us to focus and highlight patterns and provide feedback and suggestions that will work in supporting better and more informed support from board staff and lead to best practices.

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Our Why

Where Do Feedback Loops Start? Where Do They Stop?

Organziations of all sizes consult on how to handle reports of more communication, support in goal setting and even recognizing and correcting decisions based in unconscious bias. We realized that feedback loops never seemed to close and wanted there to be a solution based product for equity based problems.

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