Build better teams with a DEI tool that centers employee wellness and proactive solutions.

Diversity Scores is built to enhance your organization by closing feedback loops and providing policy-based action.

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Replace outdated anonymous grievance forms with a data-driven DEI application that customizes action steps for your team.

Our Why

Employee Wellness Requires Accessibility

Studies show that when it comes to DEAI, internal efforts are what matters most. How we treat and evaluate one another and how we handle conflict are at the core of that discussion. Diversity Scores provides a platform for communication and accountability with solution-based technology that supports all parties.


via Policies & Procedures

Create transparent goals and action steps that align with your policies and procedures to ensure safe DEI work environments for all.

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via Engagement & Milestones

Create opportunities for honest and productive conversation among employees and leadership while developing tangible goals that create systemic change.

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via Commitment & KPIs

Increase internal and external awareness and engagement of your organization's DEI mishaps and accomplishments.

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Built by leaders in DEAI, Diversity Scores is a platform that re-envisions how we support teams.

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Our Solution

Exit Research Before Untimely Exits

Diversity Scores cultivates trust through data-driven, action-based reporting that centers on Employee Wellness, Equitable Practices, and communication amongst employees and Organizational DEI Accountability.

Anonymous Grievances

Remove the barriers of getting feedback and create awareness for the organization.

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Feedback Assessments

Finally close the feedback loop and provide the kind of transparency that enhances your ability for accountability on a consistent basis.

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Learning Resources & Action Steps

When we know better, we do better. Provide education and action steps for employees that help them grow with the organization.

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An Essential Tool In Your Organization's DEI Journey

Reminds me of Blind, but internal. It’s an exit interview, without an exit from the company. This is a tool that can revolutionize HRs retention to retain employees with data to support.

- Gartner Advisor

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